Sports Betting - Free Picks For the MLB

Sports Betting – Free Picks For the MLB

The most anticipated MLB baseball event will once again tickle the sanity of every baseball betting participants. Most of them will either pack it in or continue to give it a shot because no one can guarantee that the next season will be better than the current one. However, there are some who would bet, if not everybody, then certainly most of them would bet on the different underdog teams throughout the whole season and not just when they are scheduled to play a specific team. This methods to pick the winners is a sure way to make extra money if you know what you are doing. However, it would take more than 60% to win the whole deal.

Some of us are so convinced that we will beat the oddsmakers that we will do an installment of our show on MLB betting entitled “Mets picked correctly”. You tell us why you picked the home team in the decider.

JJ, The show is dedicated to the MLB season. As far as JJ is concerned, we have a streak going that we will be showing select MLB games that we have picked. We are confident that we will be picking the next winner and we are certain that our subscribers will not be disappointed.

You told us the Mets would win the first round of the playoffs but I figured they would at least win the game. How’d you know?

JJ, When we published our first Bivable Baseball City revenue report of the season, we gave out a free winner that went 8-1. Apparently, putting your bet on the underdog in MLB is very profitable.

How’d the Feb. 16th Yankees-Red Sox game go for you? Has Boston made a lot of mistakes since their big 4-0 lead?

JJ, Since the last report, we have found that the Red Sox have gotten a lot of breaks as they vs. the Yankees. First base is incredibly crucial to a baseball team and the Yankees have exploited the run hitters so far. The Boston starters have not been as beat up as the Yankees and they have a 321- immersive lead. Thestruction has been decent but still not what we expected to see. The bottom line is that the Yankees have to continue to stand at bat and try to battle the best in the game.

If they hadn’t of got that big win, the trend probably would have been the exact opposite. The biggest surprise to me is that the trend has gone overnight for Boston. They are a team that was a consistent offensive team to begin the season, but at times teetkered on the edge due to its scatter offense. We never thought they’d win this many games. Then again, we never thought they’d be playing the ClevelandNetwork, either. It’s a weird thing to say, but the Boston Field is a ballpark that is a swings kind of hitter’s park. The Yankee hitters have been very good at the plate in recent years and they have to continue do so. If they don’t, we probably would have a very interesting Yankee vs.Cheleno series.

A-Rod vs. Labonte in MLB All-Star Game:

And how could it get any worse for Barry? A-Rod is clearly the world-classTalentated Killer who is way above everyone else in the game right now. Plus, he’s not about to trade his stardom for a couple hours on the range. I admit that I rarely watch the grinders these days (all-stars not withstanding), but let’s face the facts: a-Rod is the biggest home-run champ in baseball since Track certified Reggie Geoffr. And Labonte, well, he’s an old-school guy who likes to hit balls hard. It’s just a shame the Red Sox have a catcher making the argument for the all-star game instead of an shortstop.

Mauer on the other hand has been maddeningly inconsistent in his last two or three starts. Sometimes he looks like the best player in baseball (see: completely dominating the Reds last Wednesday, 8-2 with 12 strikeouts). At other times, he looks like he’s going to ground out (see: the 4900th start of his career). Around Mauer, you have the usual suspects: Josh Beckett, who’s having a fantastic year, and his backup, John Lester. And, out in left field is Camillo Villegas, who’s having a terrible year. You might think that if Boston’s trying to win the division, they would utilize their big guys more, but you would be wrong. They’re so bad that they don’t even bother with the pitchers (full season: 75-78 with a 5.22 ERA).

Boston’s pitching has been far more consistent than Detroit’s, to the surprise of many.

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